API Specification Keys

KEY Description Type Scopes
assert The test assertion dict tests
body The HTTP body of the request dict request
delay Performs a delay in milliseconds before each request call. (version >= 2.1.0) int endpoint, request
endpoints Represents a list of API endpoints list endpoint
headers The HTTP headers dict endpoint, request
max_retries A fixed maximum number of retries for a request before it is permanently failed. (version >= 2.2.0) int retry
method The HTTP method of the request (GET, POST, PUT, PATCH or DELETE). If not set, GET will be used string request
name An identifier string endpoint, request, test
params The HTTP query parameters dict endpoint, request
path A part of the URL path that will be concatenated with possible other paths string endpoint, request
requests Represents a list of HTTP requests list endpoint
retry The retry configuration for a request. (Available for version >= 2.2.0) dict request
tests Represents a list of tests to run against a HTTP response of a request list request
vars Key used to define your custom variables to be used along the specification dict endpoint, request
${custom var} Syntax to get the value of the custom variables defined at key vars string request - after vars definition
${ENV_VAR} Syntax to get the value of an environment variable string endpoint, request
${{python_code}} Syntax to get the value of a Python code expression string request