Quick Start


How to install

$ pip install scanapi

Basic Usage

You will need to write the API’s specification and save it as a YAML or JSON file. For example:

  - name: scanapi-demo # The API's name of your API
    path: http://demo.scanapi.dev/api/v1 # The API's base url
      - name: list_all_users # The name of the first request
        path: users/ # The path of the first request
        method: get # The HTTP method of the first request
          - name: status_code_is_200 # The name of the first test for this request
            assert: $ # The assertion

And run the scanapi command

$ scanapi run <file_path>

Then, the lib will hit the specified endpoints and generate a scanapi-report.html file with the report results.

An overview screenshot of the report. A screenshot of the report showing the request details.