Automated Integration Testing and Live Documentation for your API

API contracts tested

Guarantee the quality of the data that is being consumed or used. Ensure that communication between services is occurring as expected. Ensure the system does, in fact, what it should do.

Nested requests

Use the response of the previous request to build the next. Making it easy to debug complex scenarios of chained requests.

Live Documentation

ScanAPI will keep your API documentation always updated. No more misinformation or outdated documentation.


The Reports can be generated on demand, via command line, or added to your CI pipeline and generated as an artifact.

Reports can be customized to fit your style. You only need to provide your own Jinja Template.

Hide sensitive information in the reports. You do not want to show your secrets, right?

For each request, you have access to the exactly cURL to reproduce it again.

Integration tests


Define endpoints to be hit, the expected behaviors for each response, and, as a result, receives a full real-time diagnostic of your API.


A flexible and extensible API specification syntax. The spec supports environment variables, custom variables, chain requests and Python code.


Be the first to be notified if any API endpoint is not working as expected.